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Meditation with Eddie Maleterre

Marvel yourself with the unique services of Eddie Maleterre.

Immerse yourself in mindfulness meditation, where each moment is an invitation to presence and inner peace. Also explore the power of creative visualization, an experience guided by Eddie to stimulate the imagination and awaken the creative potential in everyone.

These services, imbued with wisdom and inspiration, offer a transformative inner journey within the tranquility of Charlevoix.

Certificat Eddie Maleterre

Eddie Maleterre - Certified teacher

Eddie Maleterre, your guide dedicated to well-being, embodies serenity and creativity at Gîte Chez Maleterre.

A mindfulness meditation facilitator and expert in creative visualization, Éddie offers unique experiences aimed at awakening inner peace and unlocking creative potential. Her commitment to holistic wellness is evident in every session, inviting guests to immerse themselves in deep, transformative harmony in the heart of Charlevoix.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation, an ancestral practice now available to everyone, invites you to live the present moment with total attention. By focusing on breathing, body sensations and thoughts, this form of meditation offers mental clarity, tranquility and a deep connection with oneself.

Creative visualization

Creative visualization is a powerful technique that invites you to stimulate the imagination to realize aspirations and goals. At Gîte Chez Maleterre, immerse yourself in the art of visualization guided by our expert Éddie Maleterre. This practice awakens inner creativity, unlocking unsuspected potential and opening the doors to personal accomplishment.

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